The Spanking Debate

"The Report on Physical Punishment in the United States" was just released and gaining quite a bit of attention. The author, Elizabeth T Gershoff, PhD, conducted a meta analysis of of more than 100 published research studies in attempt to ascertain the effects of physical punishment on children.
Check out the report online.

I've read several blogs online where people have written in to comment about this reports findings and add their opinions about spanking. It reminded me that the Spanking Debate is alive and well. I'd like to dedicate some space in our blog to compile a list of rationale that supports spanking followed by helpful things non-violent helpers, friends and family members can say to their pro-spanking friends, loved ones, and clients to support non-violent, non-abusive parenting.

My personal and professional perspective has evolved to uphold the belief that spanking is "old school parenting" and it has no place in an educated, civilized, and evolved society. At Simply Your Best we work to assist everyone who participates in our classes to find more helpful and productive ways of relating to and interacting with their children--utilizing parenting techniques that draw our children to us in healthy ways instead of pushing our children away from us.

So please add to this blog examples of pro-spanking rationale followed by phrases that "counter" spanking in order to support healthy, non-abusive parenting. Thanks for your input!

Published: Mar 19, 2009 by Jodi Harvey (Santa Cruz, CA)


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