Annoying Cat Disrupting Sleep Cycle

We have 2 cats... two 20 lb cats...

They are on diets... restrictions with the amounts and times that we feed them so that they'll be healthier. 

The problem is that they get hungry at times in between meals... sound familiar?

One cat's sleep/eat cycle is totally off and he'll start meowing late at night or jumping on my head... all in hopes of rousing me out of bed and feeding him before I get my wits about me and realize what is going on.

My husband and I have decided that to give in to his bullying would mean to forfeit the diet and it would further reinforce him waking us up at night.  So, we have just ignored him up to this point. 

It could be an indicator that he simply needs a little bit more food... so at feeding time, we've given him just a little bit more.  This could prevent the following from occurring... the cat is running around jumping all over stuff, chewing books and papers, howling, wanting food while I'm sitting in front of him eating a muffin with my tea... doesn't seam very fair and balanced to me. 

Any pet experts have any suggestions for how to handle this sort of situation... that is respectful to the cat but allows us to get our sleep?

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Published: Oct 07, 2010 by Jodi Harvey (Santa Cruz, CA)


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