TV Died... and it's Wonderful!

Our Huge TV died the other day and it has been wonderful!  We don't have cable because we didn't want the TV on all the time anyway and we didn't want to be bombarded by advertising or even all the doom and gloom of the news channels.  We do get net flicks and we watch movies a few times throughout the week.

The TV is repairable of course... just needs a new bulb or something like that. 

The great thing is that the kids have been coming up with other things to do than watching a movie or playing the wii.  They have been building forts (which get cleaned up every night during our pre-dessert pick up routine).  They have been role playing all sorts of things... rarely, RARELY... thank goodness have there been screams or upset...

It has been so great, thoughts have been going through my head of how we could do this more often... holidays from the TV????  My husband said we could just say that it is broken every now and then...  I'm with the school of thought where I don't want to ever lie... it's better to tell the truth (you don't have to tell anything to anyone and sometimes it is best not to communicate information--do so only on a need to know basis) but as far as any business of mine, even with my kids... I need to be on the level.  So we haven't thought about just exactly how to do this...

Any suggestions?

My Best,


Published: Oct 08, 2010 by Jodi Harvey (Santa Cruz, CA)


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